Saturday, 27 April 2013

Black and White

Images that we have always wanted to create using M's piano.
Will hopefully turn out as detailed and delicate as large black and white stencils.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Woodlands creatures

Sneak peak into the woodlands series of works we are in the process of making.

New wallpaper designs are on there way too!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

An end to 2012

The time has come to reflect on another year.....

We had:
Ping Pong tables.
Backyard painting sessions.
Road trips.
4 Exhibitions.

2013 so far holds an exhibition at Louey and Lane Gallery on Wed. Aug 21st. The rest of the year is unknown - which I find kind of daunting.

I hope that we fill the months with many more artistic road trips and possibly focus our collaborative-ness on Art Prizes.

Here are a few stencils (below) that I am aiming to cut and spray with lots of drips and colours. They may be influenced by my recent engagement reserach. Cant wait to see them worked in with Moana's magical drawing skills!

Enjoy your New Years! Make resolutions that you will want to keep.

Mine is to artistcally bridge the gap between Mildura and Melbourne (Myself and Moana). Australia Post watch out!

T xx

Sunday, 21 October 2012

PPOP project 21/10/12

Over the last two days we've been chilling in Swan Hill doing a POPP project with Regional Arts Victoria funding.

Arriving to a much younger group than we expected, and only girls, we had to quickly re-assess the project to make a giant steel ping pong table into a work of art.

We went through the stencilling process with them during the first day and then came back today to complete the painting.

Thanks to all the great assistance from Felicia and to Yvonne for the great accommodation and breakfast overlooking the river. Fantastic.


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Public Outdoor Ping Pong

Only one more week until our workshop in Swan Hill. Wow the time has flown by.

We can not wait to see what imaginative ideas our youth workshop participants come up with! :)

Below is the first draft of the ping pong table concept. T's young staffy was quite curious about the artistic process.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

A long time between blogs..

Well what a long time it has been between blogs! We have held workshops in Swan Hill, exhibited successfully in Louey and Lane gallery at Glen Huntley and have made the financial decision to open up a joint bank account! Woo!

It has been a big year for both if us who are forever trying to balance work, family and art and have decided to exhibit only 2 big shows next year to give ourselves time to prepare detailed and Awesome work!!

Masks, foxes, snails, phones, woodland animals, mushrooms and more shoes will inspire detailed screen prints and large multiple coloured stencils.

We are fortunate to have Louey and Lane come to the TM party and give us our first major exhibition for 2012 which will open 21st August.

With a swan hill workshop coming up on the 20-21st October to paint the most epic ping pong table you have ever seen, keep your eyes posted on this blog for exciting images of the workshop! If you would like to be involved contact the swan hill regional art gallery for details.

Here's a few pics of the months that have passed..