Sunday, 5 June 2011

Missing Person

Hi everyone
It feels like years since I have made art or been in the process of packing an exhibition up ready for transportation. In reality - it has been 2 weeks...

Im scrambling my mind to think whats next. Group show in Melbourne! Collingwood gallery to be exact. 26th June. Invite to be posted on here when it is available :) There will be at least 2 new works from us - and possibly a large new piece if there is room spare!

Our next 'solo?' if you can call us solo, is August at Swan Hill titled 'Sugar and Spice'. A collection of childhood iconic imagery. What iconic images can you suggest from your childhood? A whole new exhibition! It is exciting starting something from scratch - again :)

On a sad note - Im hating being so far from my collaborator. Too much time to think and little inspiration. Need more paint to board!!!

Hope you all have a great week.

T & M