Sunday, 5 June 2011

Missing Person

Hi everyone
It feels like years since I have made art or been in the process of packing an exhibition up ready for transportation. In reality - it has been 2 weeks...

Im scrambling my mind to think whats next. Group show in Melbourne! Collingwood gallery to be exact. 26th June. Invite to be posted on here when it is available :) There will be at least 2 new works from us - and possibly a large new piece if there is room spare!

Our next 'solo?' if you can call us solo, is August at Swan Hill titled 'Sugar and Spice'. A collection of childhood iconic imagery. What iconic images can you suggest from your childhood? A whole new exhibition! It is exciting starting something from scratch - again :)

On a sad note - Im hating being so far from my collaborator. Too much time to think and little inspiration. Need more paint to board!!!

Hope you all have a great week.

T & M


  1. Images that sum up my childhood but are probably not great iconic images are mud pies,
    hop scotch, elastics, buzzy bee, sunday loaf of bread unsliced and wrapped in newsprint paper, a 50cent bag of lollies that would be bulging full of lollies, the local diary, spaceman cigarette lollies and kbars (hmmm seems a lot of my childhood images revolve around food) lol

  2. ooops and before I forget Holly Hobby, crochet blankets, black and white tv and swing ball, and chocolate fish, apple shampoo