Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sugar and Spice

Hello fellow bloggers!
We have been some busy bees over the last month, without picking up a pencil!
A road trip to Adelaide to pull down a successful show at Zootz. Thankyou to all that went to see, the response was great! There are also works currently up at Chapel Hill Winery, thanks to AP Bond.

We have also secured 3 new exhibitions for 2012. The first in the January school holidays at Zootz, the second in the Easter Holidays at AP Bond and the 3rd is set to open on July 11th at Louey and Lane, Melbourne. Currently in discussions with Mildura's Gallery 25 for dates in 2012 also!

We had a massive studio dedicated day this Thursday - Got all our works finalised for Swan Hill (1st August). I've posted some picsas we have some new stuff to show you!!! The exhibition - titled Sugar and Spice - will feature paste up works pasted directly onto the gallery walls, with our works hung over the top and spray patterns and drips combining the two.

Will post pics of the hung works in our next blog.
Until then! xx

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