Saturday, 28 May 2011

Hang one and add two to the ever ending list of exhibitions/paintings :)

Zootz is hung - and we are extremely happy with how it turned out! If you are down Henley Beach way in Adelaide, please wander down to Zootz in Henley Square and stop for a coffee or lunch. Works are already being snatched up so don't miss out if you are interested in purchasing unique and funky original work!

Tony from AP Bond has also put some of our work up in Louis Bond Cafe on Magill Road. Louis Bond is a remarkable store full of envious art, books and wares. Definately worth a browse - a must see when we go to Adelaide, will brighten up any day

We are also in the process of negotiating large commissions for an Adelaide Hotel during their renovation period. Keep posted for more details on this new and exciting chapter in our art careers.

I have posted a few photos from Zootz and Louis Bond cafe for those that do not live in South Australia. Enjoy! :) :) :)



Friday, 20 May 2011

6AM means 6 in the morning! Yuck.

Im writing from a Year 10 maths class, last session on a Friday. 50 minutes to go! What do I have planned for the weekend I hear you ask? WELL... I shall tell you.

Saturday- We are backing and finishing all of our works for Zootz!! Yay! Stress less from now on :)
Hanging will be 6 AM Thursday morning, and yes that was no a typo, thats 6 AM!! Will be coffe time all day before our opening at 6.

It's exciting to be in a new exhibiting place, especially one that we have only seen twice in passing. Hope the work fits in well. It should. Right??

Counting down the hours until tomorrow where I can finally catch back up with my partner in crime and have a day full of 'art attack' moments!!!

Well this is T signing off,