Friday, 20 May 2011

6AM means 6 in the morning! Yuck.

Im writing from a Year 10 maths class, last session on a Friday. 50 minutes to go! What do I have planned for the weekend I hear you ask? WELL... I shall tell you.

Saturday- We are backing and finishing all of our works for Zootz!! Yay! Stress less from now on :)
Hanging will be 6 AM Thursday morning, and yes that was no a typo, thats 6 AM!! Will be coffe time all day before our opening at 6.

It's exciting to be in a new exhibiting place, especially one that we have only seen twice in passing. Hope the work fits in well. It should. Right??

Counting down the hours until tomorrow where I can finally catch back up with my partner in crime and have a day full of 'art attack' moments!!!

Well this is T signing off,

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