Sunday, 30 December 2012

An end to 2012

The time has come to reflect on another year.....

We had:
Ping Pong tables.
Backyard painting sessions.
Road trips.
4 Exhibitions.

2013 so far holds an exhibition at Louey and Lane Gallery on Wed. Aug 21st. The rest of the year is unknown - which I find kind of daunting.

I hope that we fill the months with many more artistic road trips and possibly focus our collaborative-ness on Art Prizes.

Here are a few stencils (below) that I am aiming to cut and spray with lots of drips and colours. They may be influenced by my recent engagement reserach. Cant wait to see them worked in with Moana's magical drawing skills!

Enjoy your New Years! Make resolutions that you will want to keep.

Mine is to artistcally bridge the gap between Mildura and Melbourne (Myself and Moana). Australia Post watch out!

T xx

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