Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Nobody Finished! hahaha

"I'm Nobody, Who are you?" Is officially Over!

Works are being parceled up to either go to their new homes with our lovely buyers or onto another exhibition in either Adelaide, Swan Hill, Melbourne... We'll see!

A big big thank you to everyone who bought something from the show, we sold 42 works! and managed to pay for not just our costs here but the up front costs for our Adelaide AP Bond show, Woo! Wine and posting invites is surprisingly expensive :(

Despite a vandal smashing our studio window and Tara being extremely responsible by actually working (!) as the teacher she is we have managed to land ourselves MORE exhibitions for this year. I know, we're insane! Or at least I am and dragging poor Tara along for the ride :P

Look out for some very naughty monkeys appearing soon!

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