Sunday, 13 March 2011

My First Entry - By T

Hi everyone! Its Tara here. Hope you don't mind Moana, seems I don't have much else to do on a Sunday than to blog.

I am currently a little bit relieved as I managed to finish a 4 panel stencil that is an exact replica of one of Moana's sketches form her journal - every single pencil stroke! A whole 180x120cm worth of detail. I can't wait to do the first spray of it all as 1 panel. Makes the 20+ hours ive spent cutting it seem worth while :) It will be the artwork that we hang in AP Bond's gallery window. Fingers crossed the linework is worthy of such a position.

Our accommodation for Adelaide is booked- so that part of our one night trip to Adelaide to hang is organised. We are going to put in a fair few hours tomorrow at the studio to try and consolidate our work. Consolidate is a big word - i hope it was in the right context! Then it just leaves touching up the sides and getting them ready for transport :) :)

Well.. That's it for me!

Over and Out.



  1. How do I go about buying a painting?

  2. Hi kelley,
    There are many ways :) The easiest is via our facebook page. Our facebook is if you'd like to see our current work that is about to go to Adelaide for an exhibition. Or send us your e-mail address to and we can send you images and prices of everything that we have available at the moment with prices!

    T :)

  3. Hooray thank you!! I love love love love your work!!