Thursday, 29 December 2011

Sandbar Ponderings

The ideas that come over a pot and parmy on a fine sunny day...
  • Gold paper bubbles
  • Black board painting with a drawn pasteup of a girl. Water colour wash.
  • Flower wreaths = Awesome!
  • Collage trees and hot air balloons using old screen prints and book pages
  • Funky animal paste ups with stenciled beards and mo's
Screen Prints
  • Piano
  • Feathers
  • Shoes at weird angles
  • Bird cages
  • Bodies with the head drawn in
  • Animal Hats
  • Bodies and heads with hand painted masks
  • Holding lace fan
  • Holding umbrella
  • Man in suit holding flower
If having an exhibition with feathers as a prominant subject matter - create plaited wrist bands with feathers attached for those that come to the opening night.

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